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Twelve Tips of Christmas For Dental Health

The year is about to end, but one of the enjoyable events is still to be celebrated. Yes, it’s Christmas. It brings happiness and love to their celebrations. We meet with our new and old friends, go on parties and trips with family and friends. It’s really difficult to keep perfect dental health along with holiday fun and celebrations. But don’t worry Avalon Christmas dental tips really make your event full of joy.

1. Don’t break your brushing routine

It's really hard to keep your routine on track especially during events and celebrations. Winter Holidays bring happiness, the joy of gathering, and meeting with friends. It’s necessary to keep you brushing your teeth for excellent dental health.

2. Prepare sugar-free Christmas desserts

Make a list of sugar-free desserts and find their recipes before Christmas. These desserts will be healthier for your dental health. The best Christmas dental tip by a Dentist in Cambridge MA is to reduce your sugar content at this event.

3. No more candies

The use of candies and sweets always gives a bad impact on your oral health. The best dental tips by Boston Dentists are to reduce your sugar content and sweet intake at this event.

4. Moderate your alcohol

At Christmas parties, the high alcohol intake has a negative effect on your oral health. Moderation of drinks is the dental tip for disease-free and healthy teeth.

5. Don’t take carbonic drinks

Carbonic and acidic drinks like soft drinks and citric juices can damage your teeth 'outer enamel and make it more permeable for dental bacteria.

6. Prefer fresh fruits and vegetables

Natural food has no alternative. For a healthy body, the role of fruits and vegetables is admirable. They also provide the necessary vitamins and minerals for healthy teeth.

7. Prepare a holiday brushing kit

Holiday trips can be unplanned and surprising on Christmas. Always prepare a hand carrying dental brushing kit.

8. Find gifts other than candies

Finds some new exciting gifts for kids other than sweets and candies.

9. Chew sugar-free gums

Sugar-free chewing gums like xylitol lower the caries risk. Take one to two gums per day for a shining smile.

10. Don’t use your teeth as a bottle opener

On Christmas, many people have broken teeth due to trauma by alcohol lid opening or use your teeth for gift ribbon opening. Please don’t use your teeth as a lid opener.

11. Don’t bite on hard food

Hard food biting can chip your teeth and can cause dental pain.

12. Pre Christmas dental visit

Pre Christmas dental visits can prevent many arising dental problems. You can give a precautionary dental visit at one of our dental offices in Cambridge MA or Somerville MA before the Holidays for a healthy and bright smile.

Schedule your appointment online with one of our finest dentists in the Boston Great Area.

Our offices are closed for the holidays on:

December 25th, 2020

December 26th, 2020

January 1st, 2021

January 2nd, 2021


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