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Our Dental Office is Accepting New Patients

We are pleased to inform you that Avalon Dental Center is accepting new patients. You are warmly welcome in one of our dental offices in the Boston Great Area. Our top priority is a comfortable and friendly environment for our patients. You don’t need to worry anymore about your dental issues. You can get all possible dental solutions in one of our offices in Cambridge or Somerville, MA.

Best time of visit We believe it's never too late. You can visit our dental clinic anytime because we are accepting new patients. It doesn't matter if you want a routine checkup or have any serious oral and dental issues. We will guide you on every step of your treatment. You will get the best possible treatment of your dental problem at any of our dental clinics in the Boston Great Area.

Why you should visit Excellent oral health is necessary for a healthy life. Your teeth not only enhance your appearance but also aids in your daily functioning. Any mild dental issue can cause continuous stress and adversely affects your daily activities. We recommend an immediate dental visit to brighten your smile and for disease-free oral health.

Our helping Staff We have well qualified, skilled dental staff. They are trained in all dental procedures. You don’t need to worry anymore about your dental concerns. They will guide you on every step from your dental examination until your final dental treatment. Avalon Dental Center is the best place for your visit. You can visit our dental office at any time, we are working on Saturdays.

The solution of your all dental issues Our dental clinics in Cambridge and Somerville, MA offer a range of dental services as general and cosmetic dentists. You can share all your dental concerns with our qualified dentists. You just have to visit one of our dental clinics. We will take the responsibility for your later treatment. We deal with all dental problems whether it will be related to restorative, esthetic, and corrective procedures. You will get the all possible solution under one roof.

Book your appointment It's the best time to book your appointment. Avalon Dental Center has a Special Offer for New Patients. Just for $99, you can get a dental check up and cleaning. The offer includes regular dental cleaning, X-Rays, Exam, and Treatment Plan. Please note that the offer is not valid with 3rd party billing.

You can make your appointment before your visit, so we can give you immediate attention and save your precious time. You can also visit our website and schedule your appointment online.

You can bring your previous dental and medical history on your first visit. If you have any dental anxiety and dental phobia. You can comfortably visit any of our dental offices in the Boston Great Area without any concern. Our friendly staff and experienced dentists will deal with your anxiety and make your visit comfortable. You can also bring your kids for their first dental visits and also get the opinion of our dentist about their oral health. You are cordially invited for your dental visits in Avalon Dental Center in Cambridge, Somerville and Assembly Square.



160 Cambridge St. Cambridge, MA



120 Temple St. Somerville, MA



5 Middlesex Ave. Somerville, MA


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