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Truth About Dental Implants

Teeth play a pivotal role in aesthetic and daily function. Tooth loss due to any reason not only compromises the aesthetic but also hinders in eating and speaking. Teeth replacement helps to regain your confidence and resolve all problems related to missing teeth. Dental implants are also one of the alternatives to your natural missing teeth.

Dental implant fabrication required a biocompatible material that gives the best retention without any allergic reaction. Titanium is the most commonly used material for implants. They are embedded in the bone in place of the missing teeth and acts as the natural teeth. The appearance of dental implants is very close to their natural counterparts. You can smile, eat, and enjoy your life without any worry. Our Dentists in Cambridge and Somerville MA recommended dental implants for your missing teeth. We will also clear some facts about dental implants, so you can make your decision wisely.

missing front tooth replaced by dental implant
Dental Implant Front Tooth

Parts of dental implants

There are three main parts of dental implants.

  • Implant fixer

It is the portion of a dental implant embedded in the jaw bone. It is placed in the place of missing teeth and directly united with bone by time. The attachment of fixtures guaranteed the success of the dental implant.

  • Abutment

The abutment is placed on the implant fixture. It provides strength and helps to attach the crown. The size of the abutment is according to the crown and fixture.

  • Crown

Crown gives a natural appearance to dental implants. It is similar to your natural teeth and enhances your aesthetic. Most of the crown is made of ceramic that gives a natural look.

Why is a dental implant the best For You?

Natural tooth appearance

A dental implant gives the best aesthetic. The ceramic crown used on implant abutment gives a natural tooth-colored appearance. You can smile confidently in a social gathering.

Less bone loss

Bone resorbed rapidly in place of the missing tooth. If the tooth is replaced by a removable denture the bone resorption process remains. In dental implants, there are very low chances of bone resorption. You can maintain your natural look. A dental implant is the only artificial material that provides a direct union with bone and gives the best output.

Optimum function

Dental implants easily bear the masticatory load without fracture. Dental implants are also suitable for bruxers who grind their teeth at night. Dental implants also offer a high success rate.

If you have any missing tooth it's wise to get an appointment for your dental implant at Avalon Dental Center in Cambridge or Somerville MA. We guide you about all the steps of dental implant placement from initial evaluation till the final placement.


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