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Partial Dentures in Somerville MA

Missing teeth not only compromised your smile but also affect the teeth functioning. There are several ways to make teeth replacement. One of the easy and viable replacement options is partial dentures. They are removable and have a tooth surface along with pink colored gum like outer layer that gives a natural look. Dentists in Somerville and Cambridge MA constructs the high-quality partials that are the best alternative to your natural teeth.

partial denture on palm of senior person
Partial Dentures

Easy to make and cost-effective

One of the privileges of partial denture is the ease of the procedure and lower costs compared to implants or fixed teeth. There is no need for tooth preparation or in some cases, only a few preparations are needed. You can conveniently get your partials in a short period with limited dental visits. Partial teeth have a basic attachment technique in which a wire around the teeth provides an outstanding fitting surface.

Can make the new adjustment

In partial dentures, new changes can be made even after the final placement of teeth. Your dentist even can add then new teeth or change the fitting and teeth surface with time. They can save your money and time for the new fabrication of dentures. Any accidental breakage or defect can be corrected in partial dentures with few new adjustments.

Easy to remove and place

Partial dentures are usually removable. You can place or remove it as needed or as instructed by the dentist. They've got less chairside time, too. You can even visit one of our dentists in Somerville or Cambridge on your busy schedule, and very few follow-up visits are needed. You can remove your partial denture at night and again place it in the morning.

Can keep optimum oral hygiene

Tooth brushing is very easy with a partial denture. You can remove denture during brushing or flossing and again insert after brushing. For denture cleaning your dentist prescribed a special cleansing agent that prevents it from wearing. The plaque accumulation rate is very low with a partial denture and you can keep your normal dental care without any hindrance. Your mouth can easily adapt the partials because they are lightweight and made of biocompatible material.

Custom built, excellent fitting partial dentures have a long working life. You can use them for years with a few new modifications. Avalon Dental Center has made the best partial dentures to reconstruct your smile and confidence. Book your free consultation at one of our dental clinics in Somerville, Cambridge, or Assembly Square.


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