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General Dentistry: New Year, Healthier Mouth

A new chapter of your life just started. Let's add some more colors by making new year resolutions that make your whole year healthy and give you a happy smile with shining teeth. Oral health and systemic health are side by side. You can’t enjoy a healthy life without dental care and oral health. It needs your efforts and attention. The first step of every goal needs a commitment. It's the best time to make a new year resolution for your dental care. Our dentists in Cambridge MA and Somerville MA make your journey easy and comfortable.

Dental flossing along with brushing

Teeth brushing removes the visible food particles and plaque. But still, there are many hiding spaces between your teeth that are not removed by just brushing. They required more cleaning and dental care. Add dental flossing as a new year resolution. Flossing will remove the hidden food particles and gives you extra protection and outstanding oral health. You can learn the correct method of flossing from your Cambridge dentist.

No snacking between your meal

Snaking without any care can cause many dental diseases and the ultimate result will be tooth loss. Avoid frequent snacking sessions. Set a time for snaking, sweets, and brush after it. Take it as a new year resolution that will give you healthy teeth and a bright smile. Snacks also have an unhealthy sugar content that is the major cause of dental pain and teeth caries.

New year, new brush

We make a routine of brushing but many of us forget to change our brush after every 3 months. Sometimes we use an old brush even for a year or more. With time the efficacy and power of bristles become weak and now they can’t remove bacteria and plaque as before. Now it’s the new year and give yourself a treat of a new brush for healthy dental care.

New year dental visit

We are usually unaware of many dental problems that only your dentist can rule out and provide their solution. Make your dental visit as a new year resolution and get your routine dental checkup for a healthy mouth. Always spare some time for your dental care.

Our Dentists at Avalon Dental Center provide you all the assistance and guidance for a healthy and dazzling smile. You can give your immediate visit for a healthy and hopeful new year.



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