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Correct Brushing Method | Cambridge Dentist recommendations

Regular brushing keeps your teeth healthy and prevents many harmful oral diseases. The brushing removes all food particles and bacteria that are the main culprit for gum disease, bad breath, and dental pain. Most patients complain that they have dental problems despite regular brushing. The only reason in those cases is incorrect brushing methods that can’t do proper dental cleaning. Our dentists in Cambridge MA will help to adopt the correct brushing method recommended by Avalon Dental professionals and ADA American Dental Association. Let’s learn it step by step.

  • Take a small amount of pea-size fluoride toothpaste on the upper surface of your brush.

  • Place the brush on your gum line and teeth junction by making the 45-degree angle and tilt your brush

  • The most effective brushing strokes are circular but you can also give horizontal and vertical strokes by the same angle.

  • First, clean your teeth outer surfaces of the front and then clean the back of your teeth of both upper and lower teeth sections

  • Clean your gums along with the teeth surfaces.

  • For the inner surface of front teeth place your brush in the vertical direction and give the up and down strokes.

  • For chewing surfaces place your brush bristles along the upper surface and give back and forth movement.

  • Lastly, don’t forget to clean your tongue because of most of the dental bacteria along with the tongue surfaces. You can use your brush or tongue cleaner for a dental cleaning.

  • Spit your toothpaste and then rinse it with water. You can also use any mouthwash for a more efficient dental cleaning.

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Useful tips for a dental cleaning

Self-oral hygiene is equally as important as your systemic health. Perfect dental health enhances your confidence and helps you to have a healthy life. Dentists in Cambridge, MA give you some useful tips for shining teeth.

  • Take at least 2-minutes for brushing and don’t forget to brush twice a day

  • Change your brush after every three months or whenever you observe any distortion in your brush bristles.

  • Use a soft and medium-sized brush. Hard bristles can make your teeth more sensitive and can damage your gums.

  • Schedule a routine dental checkup with our Cambridge dentist for healthy dental and oral health. You can also visit one of our dental offices in Cambridge or Somerville MA for dental cleaning by our professional dentists and hygienists.

For more questions please call our dental clinic in Cambridge MA at 888-745-2389.


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