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Are You Referred to a Periodontist?

Dental problems need and immediate dental attention and prompt treatment. A dental specialist can rule out the underlying dental problem and can provide you optimal dental health. The periodontist is a specialized and experienced dentist that helps to treat your gums and root-related problems. In case of dental gums and related bone issues, you could be referred to visit a periodontist. Our dentists at Avalon Dental Center can assist your periodontal treatment in Cambridge or Somerville MA.

woman with sore gums

Why are you Referred to a Periodontist?

  • Gum bleeding

Dental bleeding is the common reason that you need to visit a periodontist. Most patients are observed bleeding gums in the morning after sleep. Gums cover your teeth and help to support them in the arch. Dental bacterias make your gums fragile and weak. Daily activities and minor trauma can initiate gum bleeding. You can visit our periodontists in Cambridge MA or Somerville MA if you have any issues with bleeding gums.

  • Bad breath

Bad breath or halitosis causes social embracement. You avoid talking with others and lose your self-confidence. The reason for bad breath is dental bacteria that produce certain chemicals. Regular dental brushing can prevent halitosis. But if the bacterial process initiates then it needs periodontal treatment by a specialized dentist.

  • Hard deposits on teeth

Dental plaque is a soft yellowish material on your teeth. With time it calcifies and changes into hard greenish deposits called calculus. It can cause gum diseases and reduces tooth support. Periodontists can remove all deposits by a specialized treatment called dental scaling and root planing.

What are the main Periodontal procedures?

Periodontists performed a special procedure for the treatment of your teeth and gum’s health. It includes:

  • Dental scaling will remove the all-visible deposits with help of a scaler.

  • Root planing helps to clean the outer surface of teeth roots and remove plaque and calculus.

  • Root debridement further cleans your root and reduces the bacterial load, and stops the disease process.

  • Periodontal Surgical procedures are specialized treatments that remove diseased tissues. Our Cambridge Dentists facilitate all the periodontal procedures.

Always trust the specialized and experienced periodontist for your dental health. If you still have more questions about gum disease and root planing, call one of our dental clinics in Somerville MA and Cambridge MA, or contact us online.

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