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Thanksgiving Weekend Dental Tips!

Avalon Dental Team is wishing to all of our patients, friends, and family, a fun, safe, and Happy Thanksgiving!

We are grateful for the privilege of taking care of your smile. And, we look forward to seeing you at your next visit.

Stay healthy this weekend! The holidays don’t have to be hard on your teeth.

Here are some dental tips for you:

  • Give thanks for your teeth!

  • Enjoy the beautiful harvest but limit your alcohol and sweets portions to keep teeth healthy and bright. Limit red vine and coffee.

  • Rich in phosphorus, turkey helps keep your teeth healthy as calcium combines with phosphorus and vitamin D to produce teeth and bones.

  • Eat vegetables! They help clean your mouth. Fiber-rich vegetables act as a detergent in your mouth and also stimulate saliva.

  • Dairy helps strengthen teeth. The calcium in dairy products helps strengthen teeth, and cheese helps stimulate saliva, which helps keep your mouth clean.

  • Brush, rinse and floss your teeth right after eating Thanksgiving dinner. You need to be especially diligent about dental hygiene on this weekend.

Do not miss us, as always, you can schedule your dental appointment with one of our offices in Cambridge or Somerville online!

We are closed this weekend but we are open back on Monday, December 2nd!

Happy Thanksgiving from Avalon Dental Team!

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