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Dental Cleanings For Kids

Child's teeth cleanings in Somerville MA

Teeth cleanings are very important to your child’s oral health. In the first decade of life, kids are at a very high-risk for dental cavities. Regular dental cleanings remove plaque from the teeth and prevent cavities as well as identify any existing cavities. Without teeth cleanings, cavities will spread and worsen and cause more serious dental problems for your child. Regular dental cleanings are definitely the best way to keep your kid’s smile beautiful and healthy. Teeth cleanings will also prevent lengthier, more anxiety-inducing visits to the dentist for dental fillings in the future.

When should a child get their first dental cleanings?

Once a child is two years old they should start visiting the dentist for teeth cleanings every six months. However, dentists recommend to bring your kid in even before this. When your child is one year old you can go to a dental office. A dentist will check on the healthy development of the teeth. It is much better that your child becomes accustomed to coming to the dentist from that age.

How often should a child visit a dentist for teeth cleanings?

Parents sometimes worry about the frequency of dental cleanings if a child is afraid of the dentist or doesn’t understand what’s going on. Here, at Avalon Dental Center we are doing our best to help your child to understand what is happening and make their experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible!

Bring your child to our dental office in Cambridge, Somerville or Assembly Square every six month for teeth cleanings and your child's oral heath will be in good hands!

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