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Invisalign versus Six-Month Smiles

Your smile is an asset and we at Avalon Dental Center are committed to making it perfect. With revolutionary dental treatment options like Invisalign and Six Month Smiles you can correct your smile without the embarrassment associated with metal braces. Our expert dental team headed by Dr. Michael Ofir will make the treatment fast and smooth for you. These modern trends in orthodontic treatment are a favorite of teenagers and adults alike..

What is the difference between Invisalign and Six-Month Smiles?

Invisalign treatment consists of devices known as clear aligners. They move your teeth into the desired position by applying constant low-grade pressure to correct or improve your smile. Unlike metal braces, however, these are made of transparent plastic materials which make them virtually invisible. They cover your teeth entirely, like a cap, and are contoured according to tooth shape and size. Each set of aligners are custom made for individual patients.

Six Month Smiles, on the other hand, is an orthodontic treatment plan which consists of clear or tooth colored brackets which makes them inconspicuous to an extent. This means that the treatment will be very similar to treatment with traditional metal braces while being much less conspicuous .

How to choose between Invisalign and Six-Month Smiles?

For people concerned with the aesthetics of treatment, Invisalign is the best available option. It doesn’t cause sores, pain, staining of teeth, tooth decay and other such discomfort commonly associated with braces. It can effectively treat limited cases of crowded teeth, spaces , overbites and under-bites. Six Month Smiles, while somewhat less invisible, can be used to treat more severe cases of malocclusion such as cross-bites. Also, the clear brackets are a bit brittle and can chip off and can wear down tooth enamel.

How much time does it take?

The length of the treatment varies according to the severity of the case. However, at Avalon Dental Center, be assured that your treatment will always be completed as quickly as possible. Generally, Invisalign takes longer than Six Month Smiles because it is not bonded to the teeth and has to be replaced regularly.

Where do I get Invisalign or Six-Month Smiles treatment?

At Avalon Dental Center, we specialize in making our patients’ dream smiles a reality. Each patient is assessed thoroughly and all treatment options are discussed according to the needs of the patient. Our experienced dentist Dr. Michael Ofir can walk you through the process of treatment and show you the achievable results. All you need to do is get in touch with us! Let our team do all the work so you can just sit back, relax and see your perfect smile develop.

Check our website for queries and further info and schedule your free consultation with our dentist in Cambridge MA, Dentist in Assembly Square and Dentist in Somerville MA.

We offer the best smile in less time!

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