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How to choose your dentist?

Choosing the right dentist is very important as this should be a long-term “partnership”.

Sometimes we are choosing the dentist just by clicking on Google Ads and looking for a cheap price for dental cleaning or just visiting a random dental clinic typing the words: “dentist near me”

Of course the location of a dental clinic is important but your oral health and saving your teeth is a way more important and needs a special preparation for your dental visit.

Here are some tips how to choose your future dentist:

  1. Ask your friends and family members if they can recommend a dentist. Don’t just rely on Google reviews. Before any dental procedures meet your dentist for a dental consultation first. Remember, you are choosing your dental provider for years. Who will be familiar with your “dental history”. Visit several dentists before making a decision.

  2. Check if a dentist is a member of American Dental Association. You can also check this information on ADA website.

  3. During your initial visit to a dental office, pay attention if it’s clean, neat and orderly.

  4. Check the dental clinic office hours. How important for you if a dental clinic is open on Saturdays.

  5. Ask for different dental procedures which can be done in the same dental clinic. It will be a good benefit if a dental clinic has an endodontist as well as a cosmetic dentistry provider on site. You never know if you would need any of these dental procedures in the future.

Avalon Dental Center has three different dental clinics: Dental Clinic in Cambridge MA, Dental Clinic in Somerville MA and Dental Clinic Assembly Square. You can schedule a free consultation as well as a free dental Exam and X Rays with any of our dentists and make your decision which dentist will be the best match for you!


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