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How do I know if I have an abscessed tooth?

What is a dental abscess?

A dental abscess is a common dental presentation in clinics. The abscess is the swollen pockets that contain infectious dental bacteria and fluid. There are different types of dental abscesses. It can be a periapical, periodontal, or sometimes gingival abscess. The periapical abscess is the most common type of dental abscess. An abscessed tooth needs immediate dental care and a root canal treatment. Our dentists in Cambridge and Somerville, MA advise the complete evaluation of abscessed teeth to rule out and avoid the life-threatening consequences of infection.

dentist is checking for abscessed tooth
Dental Exam in Somerville Dental Office

Most of the time patient unaware of the abscessed and infectious tooth. That can delay the dental treatment and spreads infection. To avoid all these harmful effects our Cambridge Dentists will tell you the few common signs that will help you to know the dental infection.

Radiating pain

The pain of dental abscess is most of the time non-localized. It can radiate the ear and jaw of the affected side. If you have constant pain in the jaw or ear region without any visible cause it can be an abscessed tooth. Give a dental visit to one of our dental clinics in Cambridge or Somerville, MA to confirm potential diseases.

Pain on biting

The other common sign of dental abscess is the pain of biting or chewing. The affected tooth can show the sign of inflammation and pain during the speaking and eating. The pain in the tooth can be for short time or disappear after some time.

Red and swollen gum

A swollen gum can be due to a dental abscess. The abscess has the bacteria that initiate the inflammatory process that can cause the gums swelling and redness of the affected tooth. The patient can also feel the heaviness and other signs of inflammation.

Fever and systemic illness

Fever is a sign of any inflammatory process in the body. The dental abscess has bacteria that can cause fever, pain, and lathery. The patient can feel tired and systematically unhealthy. Change of taste and oral halitosis can also indicate the abscessed tooth.

Tooth sensitivity

The patient can also feel the sensitivity from the hot, cold, and osmatic stimulus. The sensations will be localized and only observed in the affected tooth. Our Somerville Dentists can examine the tooth to confirm the dental abscess.

The delay and untreated abscessed tooth can involve the other tissues of the head and neck due to the spread of infection. Root canal treatment can eliminate the cause of infection and restore your teeth. If you have any sign of an abscessed tooth visits our dentists in Cambridge, MA or Somerville, MA for the complete dental examination and treatment of the abscessed tooth.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll answer any questions and make sure you get the help to feel comfortable with your treatment.


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