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Review about Hygienist Ana and Doctor Bains from Dulce

A review from one of our patients which can help you to understand what you can expect during your visit to our dental office in Somerville MA:

"I'm a newer patient (2016) but this review is well overdue. I'll run thru some of my experiences at this office: 1. My first cleaning in years, performed by Ana who was so sweet and talked me through the whole thing. Turned out I had a few cavities so I had to come back for 2 subsequent visits which I was not happy about, but I figured if the dentist were anything like Ana I'd be fine. 2. I was so scared going into the office to get the cavities filled, but everyone cheered me on and assured me everything was gonna be okay. Dr. Bains' bedside manner was impressive and comforting. She was patient and talked me through the painful bits. 3. Second trip to finish off the fillings and I actually wasn't dreading it. I also picked up a night guard because I aggressively grind my teeth in my sleep. It cost a lot and tbh I'm still not convinced it's better than a pharmacy version but I try not to think about it too much haha. I hope this review helps others who are thinking about coming here--you should do it! Also on a more practical note: the receptionist Karima is super kind and helpful in terms of scheduling. She even texts me instead of calling per my request"

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