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Dental Bridges at Avalon Dental Center

A dental bridge is a fantastic option for the replacement of several teeth at once. This permanent solution uses two dental crowns to anchor in one or more prosthetic teeth.

Types of Bridges

If there are no teeth able to support a bridge, a cantilever bridge (requiring only one anchor-tooth) is utilized. Another type of bridge is a bonded bridge and it is secured by composite resins. A dentist at our dental office will assess your particular needs in order to formulate the best solution possible.

Bridge Building

The traditional bridge process can be completed in three visits. During the first visit, your Cambridge, MA dentist will shape the teeth as necessary in preparation for the application of crowns and a bridge. A mold of your teeth will then be sent to our state-of-the-art dental labs, where your porcelain crowns will be fabricated. When you return for the second visit, the crowns are bonded to the two anchor teeth and impressions are created for the bridge. Finally, on the third appointment, the bridge is adhered permanently in place. Our dentist ensures that the fit is ideal and will be entirely functional for effective use.

Happy Patients
Pierre recently received a dental bridge at Avalon Dental Assembly Square Somerville, MA. The procedure was performed by one of the best dentists in Boston, Dr. Michael Ofir. Pierre was truly thrilled with the results of the bridge and the positive impact it will have on his life as a whole.
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