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Oral Surgery Cambridge MA

Oral surgery is a specialized field of general dentistry. It includes all the procedures related to oral tissue. It can be related to your teeth or adjacent soft tissue. Restorative procedures try to stabilize your natural teeth, but when the infection spreads and teeth come in a non-restorative state then it’s better to remove it to prevent the further spread of infection. Oral surgery deals with tooth removal, abscess removal, oral swelling, and unerupted teeth removal. All of these procedures required excellence and experience. Our Dentists in Cambridge or Somerville MA ensure you the best oral surgery treatment in Boston Great Area.

surgical dental instruments

Oral surgical procedures are divided into two main types.

Simple oral surgical procedures

It includes a simple procedure that does not require complex surgical preparation. Tooth removal or tooth extraction is the most common surgical procedure. Hopeless teeth removed by the dentist in local anesthesia. Tooth removal can also be prescribed for other dental treatments like orthodontic tooth removal. Simple oral surgical procedures also cover multiple tooth extraction for dentures and treatment purposes. They required a well-organized treatment plan with the consultation of a general dentist. Oral Surgery Cambridge MA gives all consultation under one roof.

The complex oral surgical procedure

It required the patient's preparation before the surgery. They can be performed under local dental anesthesia or general anesthesia. A well-trained dental surgeon is required for complex surgical procedures. Our Cambridge Dentists have trained dental surgeons that are experienced in oral surgery. Unerupted wisdom teeth that cause pain and swelling are also removed in oral surgery. It is also called impacted teeth and required the removal of the gum for extraction. A follow up is also required for these procedures. Complex oral surgery also deals with any tumor and swelling related to oral structure. These procedures are very complex and performed under general anesthesia. Oral surgery also includes rehabilitation procedures like dental implant placement.

If you have any issue that required oral surgery like tooth abscess, Decayed teeth, Painful swelling, Unerupted wisdom teeth, or any oral tissue infection. You have to give a dental visit at one of our dental offices in Cambridge or Somerville MA. Oral surgery at Advanced Dental Center provides you high-quality experienced oral surgery assistance. You don’t need to worry about the procedure and its follow-up period. Our experienced oral surgeon guides you for the best oral surgery.

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